Healthy cooking fails because it does not satisfy human. We need pleasure and happiness that delicious food can offer.

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How Delhea Started

DELHEA project started in 2013, in Mexico with the support of Japanese chefs and scientist willing to promote the importance of impacting health through healthy and delicious food.

Scientific Vision

“90% of the happy hormone serotonin is produced in the gut. "

“Food modulates gut microbiome. Excessive fat, sugar and salt can bring unbalanced to the gut microbiome and disrupt production of hormones such as serotonin"

"I wish to bring a balanced concept, where the skill of the humans cooking will reduce the amount of sugar we use, bringing happiness and health at the same time.“ Dr. Mizuho Nasu

How Delhea Started ?

Dr. Mizuho NASU

Pharmacist dr. Mizuho Nasu develops health and beauty solutions. From her laboratory in Tokyo, she introduces the impact of food on the microbiome, which will impact the brain

Chef Keiko NAGAE

Chef Keiko NAGAE worked with famous and world top class Chefs such as Chef Michel TROISGROS and Chef Pierre GAGNAIRE. Her style is focusing on taste using fruits, citrus and Japanese art of presentation. A unique style that satisfies the brain and all 5 senses.

What is "DELHEA" ?


Healthy cooking fails because it does not satisfy human. We need pleasure and happiness that delicious food can offer. DELHEA is about how to produce DELICIOUS but healthier food joining happiness and HEALTH together.

How to Delhea ?

Practical and healthy ingredients to reduce white sugar content in the preparation. Fruits, vegetable, spices, vanila and low glycemic syrups such as agave will be used in the recipes.

Our wish with Delhea.

We wish to change the image that healthy sweets cannot be delicious. Delhea is a new sustainable style with “no guilt” and 100% happiness. We wish to inspire Chefs to bring new spirit to the sweets that meet their guests’ pleasure that are healthy at the same time. We wish to inspire industrialists about the possibility to create new sustainable confectionary products. We wish to inspire mothers at home to make children happy with healthy, simple, and affordable sweets. We wish to make people happy and healthy, enjoy the pleasure of sweets at all time, while develop healthy body and balanced life style.


Momoko Fujimori

Momoko Fujimori is a second generation pastry chef and focuses on developing recipe for breads that not only delicious, but also improves health in particular for diabetic people.

In 2021, Momoko Fujimori developed using microbiome, the world’s healthiest bread in the world.

Instagram : @momoko_fr


Mexico debut : From Tokyo to Mexico

Mexico has surpassed the United States as the world's fattest nation, with 32.8% of its population now classed as obese. 70% of adults are over-weight. Childhood obesity figures have tripled in the last decade.

Mexico brought to the world a lot of healthy sweets: Cacao from the oldest plantation in the world ... Vanilla, Agave syrup ...

We wish to start DELHEA in the country which needs the most challenges in diet and life style.


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Our Recipes

Mexican Flan

1) Roasted banana 4 ripe bananas Cover bananas (with skin)...

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Coconut Mango (10 portions)

1) Mango jelly (30g / cup ) 300g ripe mango...

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Declinaison Cacao & Fresh Berries (30 portions)

1) Creamy chocolate cream (30x30 mould) 700g milk 300g cream...

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