Mexican Flan

1) Roasted banana

4 ripe bananas

Cover bananas (with skin) with aluminium foil.
paper, bake in the oven at 180 for 30 minutes. 
Let them cool, reduce them into a puree.

2) Flan mixture (for 2 20x20cm moulds)

4p egg yolks
4p eggs
2 tins of concentrated milk no sugar
1p vanilla beans
400g roasted banana puree
(20g honey)

Mix all ingredients.

3) Caramel

100g brown sugar

Melt the sugar in the pan(if need to, add a bit of water to melt the sugar).
Pour contents into the teflon mould.

4) Baking

In 2 teflon moulds, pour the caramel, then let it cool. 
Pour in flan mixture.
Place the mould in bain-marie, bake at 170 for 40 minutes.

5) Orange passion coulis

200g orange juice
50g passion fruits
25g agave syrup
2g gelatin

Melt the gelatin, mix with other ingredients and cool in fridge.

6) Roasted mini banana

Cut mini banana in half, place them on the baking tray. 
Grate orange peel on them, pour some orange juice and cover them with aluminium foil.
Bake at 170.

7) Finalization

Cut the flan in square shape.
Pour coulis in passion fruits shells.
Place roasted banana at the side.

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