Coconut Mango (10 portions)

1) Mango jelly (30g / cup )

300g ripe mango puree
4 g gelatin
Melt the gelatin, mix with mango puree.

2) Tapioca coconut (60g / cup)

400g coconut milk
25g agave syrup
50g de tapioca
50g coconut milk
*This recipe give 600g final preparation

Boil water in a pan, add tapioca. Cook until it becomes translucid (not all, about70%), strain and cool it under water.
Cook in the coconut milk(400g) with agave syrup without stopping stir.
* if need, add some coconut milk before use , as tapioca absorb the liquid.

3) Coconut tuile (8g/p)

25g egg white
15g piloncillo
25g coconut powder
15g de butter

Mix piloncillo with egg white, let it melt over night.
Add coconut powder, melting butter.
Spread thinly, cook at 150°C.

4) Light coconut mousse

250g coconut puree
2g gelatin

Melt the gelatin, mix with coconut puree.
Pour into a Siphon, insert 2 cartridges of charge.

5) Fruits

200g fresh mangos – cut in dice
2p lime

Pour coulis mango jelly in a martini glass.
Place in the fridge. Add tapioca on the jelly.
Put a coconut tuile on.
Place mango dices, then cover by light coconut mousse. 
Grate lime peel on the coconut mousse.

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